How We Work

Guarantee Features

Our Philosophy

Sector Coverage

  • The InfraZamin Pakistan initiative comes together in the backdrop of financial markets primarily dominated by commercial bank lending, underdeveloped capital markets, public sector crowding out private sector borrowers and heavy reliance on external markets for financing infrastructure projects
  • Ability to issue partial credit guarantees, based on its current capitalization.
  • InfraZamin Pakistan can help corporates achieve:
    • Better financing terms inter-alia pricing (for both bank and capital market debt financing)
    • Enhanced per party bank limits
    • Longer tenors
    • Diversification of lender/investor base i.e. tapping other institutional investors and reduce reliance on bank financing

Project Commercial Viability

Project return must be commercially attractive and feasible in order to mobilize private capital via our credit guarantee structures.


We aim to operate with an objective to improve structuring of project and financing terms. Our participation will lead to improving the bankability/invisibility of the transaction. InfraZamin Pakistan aims to provide access to a broader degree of capital classes and investor base.

Development Impact

Projects must lead to one or more of our development impact goals: sustainability, poverty reduction, financial inclusion, gender balanced employment and job creation while meeting best practices on health, safety, environment and social impact

Renewable Energy

Water, Sewage & Sanitation

Electricity Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Oil & Gas Transportation Distribution & Storage

Digital comms & infrastructure

Social Infrastructure - Affordable Housing

Social Infrastructure - Health & Education

Financial Sector (Portfolio Guarantees)

Agricultural Infrastructure

Transportation Infrastructure

Why Partner with us?



  • Positive market signaling
  • Access to new classes of asset writers (lenders and investors)
  • Enhance overall return on investment by reducing borrowing costs
  • Greenfield or Brownfield ventures
  • Address per party bank limits
  • Fill shortfalls in financing requirements on new projects
  • Improved overall project governance and reporting frameworks
  • Easier to attract additional capital
  • Risk transfer (instead of risk mitigation) counterparty risk to AAA rated entity
  • Efficient capital treatment on account of credit cover provided by InfraZamin Pakistan
  • Extend tenors without attracting additional capital charge for long term infrastructure projects
  • Build capacity in long term sustainable finance using multiple finance solutions